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Emilia Crespo

Emilia  Crespo
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    Emilia Crespo knew since a young age she wanted to work in a field that assisted others in obtaining their goals. She started her career as an IT Technician for the government in St. Charles, IL. She learned much in the way of the evolving landscape of technology but knew it was not her final destination. Emilia worked in higher education helping others reach their goals. However, she felt restrained and wanted to do something that would align with her broad goals.
    Ms. Crespo was inadvertently introduced to real estate and it instantly became a passion. She took a leap of faith, quit her job, and jumped into the real estate world starting as a leasing agent. It wasn’t long before Emilia obtained a Broker’s License. As a Broker, she fortuitously started a career working with tax deeds, foreclosures, and auctions. It was only natural that the legal side of real estate went hand in hand with her graduate studies in Negotiation and Mediation. A few years later she built a team, invested in properties, opened a boutique brokerage firm named Real Chicago Investments (RCI Realty), and became a General Contractor. Emilia has earned a level of expertise in the real estate industry only obtainable by passion and determination. Emilia earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Northeastern University in Chicago, IL, and a Master’s Degree from Nova Southeastern University.

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